Monday, April 19, 2021

A brave new world

   Just seconds ago I watched a helicopter fly..... ON MARS!!

   I am sitting in my 'regular' booth at The Parkway Family restaurant on the NE corner of Madison's 'Beltline' (highway). For the first time since having a phone with capabilities beyond being a 'phone', I am the Only person in a busting room that is completely engrossed in my phone! There are about twenty folks here, arranged in six groups 

   The Big Group:

   Ten people; three tables; is *Always* here in some size (+1 new arrival as I write). Age range late sixties to grossly elderly; Successful farmers, business owners, schmoosers, superficially nice. The King of the group send like a big Tool. Judged solely by how he keeps 'Court' but I don't really know him.

  The ball player and Co:

   Three guys, including The Ball Player, who is almost always here. He's the one and only 'regular' here who acknowledges my presence. He's genuinely a good guy, (AFAICT).  He's often met by a pretty daughter, or a nice wife, or both.  He politely interacts with the big group (just like he does with me), but is not a part of it. I long for him to join me someday at my booth, but I don't think the thought will pass through his mind. I'm cool with that. I still hope though.

 The Mature Administrators:

  Two, in the boot almost next to me, to the left; Not regulars; Late sixties; Skinny, short gray (not white) hair;  Self assured, professional demeanor; Posture and body language is Super Relaxed.  They're engaged in a deep, Satisfying conversation that's smoothly rolling from secretive whispers, to loud laughter, with a wonderful range in between, and a smattering of pro lingo and buzzwords.  I think one of them may be faking it though...

   **Correction: The woman who was eclipsed by the back of the booth back, and thus I couldn't see her very well is, thanks to her brief 'parade of review', from their booth to the cashier station,  much younger, and sexier than I thought, possibly mid fifties, definitely sexy. Her short hair is Chestnut collored and is as short and adorable as anyone on a Roman Holiday.  It's what every aging woman who chopps off her hair imagines she looks like..... But doesn't.  She is too skinny though, and her Old Lady pants and fingertip length coat didn't allow me a sight of her Tush (probably too skinny).   However, in the attempt at a glimpse I got a shiver in my timber when I cought sight, for three solid steps, of her buff colored heels, that I, unfortunately, don't know how to describe, gave me the same feeling that's usually reserved for catching a whiff of a proper application of Perfume (of which I also, sadly, lack the vocabulary to describe... Functionally ;)

The Cute, Hungry Girls

  Two; Twenties.  They're all the way across the room, in the center both on the South (opposite to me) wall. I missed their arrival (and while writing, their Departure).  One girl is mostly eclipsed by a member of The ball players group, but I can see she's a vibrant, happy, confident, youthful, sweetie....I think. The other one, the one I have a great view of, is HUNGRY, and cute. Every single time I happen to look, she is either taking a giant bite of whatever (non breakfast) she's eating, or she's wiping her mouth with the ONE napkin this great eatery provides to each patron (Something it's taken me Years to appreciate).

  By now there is only a splinter of the Big group left and all the others are gone. There are a group of young Cops (out of uniform, talking office politics) where the Sexy administrator and her mentor (??) we're at. The Alpha is a douche. I can tell.

  Either way, I'm done describing folks because I want to record my feelings about flying a helicopter ON MARS!!!!.

Fucking MARS.

I flew my first R/C helicopter in the mid mid nineties. It was my first 'hobby/interest' that I was able to not only 'succeed' in, be to simply 'BE' in, exclusivity And Completely thanks to the internet!

  Yesterday, I crashed, and broke, and repaired, and broke again (much better this time) a Chinese made quadcopter that has capabilities, and a ease of operation for the $ that should imply it's fragility, yet it's robustness and resilience is truly spectacular. 

   The most similar experience is the difference between my use of film SLR cameras, and my later usage when I was freed by the transition to digital SLR.  FREEing is an accurate word.

Back in the nineties, the only electronics were the radio receivers and little motors that physically moved things like the throttle for the internal combustion engine breed  buried deep (and upside down) in the heart of the intricate machine, or the various other 'Control' linkages

I could only fantasize about having any sort of 'camera' aboard. Believe me, I did. Plenty.  While it was 'possible' at this time to do it, it was way way way outside of my means. And this is only for still images, and definitely NOT for live viewing (at this point, except for laptops, screens were still tubes, this was the AlphaPager era for me).  The good thing was that I had little interest in seeing what my helicopter saw, except as a novelty. My sole, overriding desire was to Remotely Control a thing, built by me, that has capabilities of which I myself did not. In this case FLIGHT!!

  My quadcopter, ordered from China is the JJRC X17.  It has a 4k video camera that is motion stabilized using dual motors that using information from fast, accurate position orientation sensors, hold the image as if the camera is on a vintage aluminum sturdy tripod, but it's NOT. It's flying around. And it's LIVE!!

LIVE!!!, Stabilized, +HD, video that I can watch...... On my PHONE!!!


The thing is, though.  When that drone flies. It's not ME flying it. Even though I almost always fly it with GPS mode off. Which means that instead of the little computer in the drone that knows Where it is and then telling itself WHERE to fly to, under instructions from me, the operator.  I give the instructions to the thing myself (either using the old school transmitter, or using my phone).  The point is, that there is always a computer that senses it's own position and takes care of the "Flying" under my instruction. In my mind that's vastly different than what I used to do with my R/C Helicopter (my first was the Nexus Raptor 30 in 1997).  The "delegation through technology" had already started in the hobby earlier with the advent of the "yaw gyro" which was a non computerized electro mechanical device that had a physical spinning "gyro" connected to an electronic circuit that would 'alter' the electrical signal going to the tail rotor control linkage actuator in order to 'correct' the signal to 'automatically' counteract whatever current yaw (left\ right rotation) the laws of physics impart on that spinning wheel.  

   Basically, if the gyro senses the helicopter rotating left, it adds it's own 'input'  to the actuator that controls how much force the tail rotor exerts on the airship, thus 'helping' the pilot by removing the need to constantly use their limited processing power to keep the nose of the heli pointed the way they want it to.

  Basically, once that "gyro" was used, the pilot became an operator, or at least a partial operator. Another 'entity' was 'performing' tasks.  That was before my time in the hobby. Without that bit of tech, I'd have never had the resources to even enter the hobby. Big Respect to anyone who's remotely flown, sans trail rotor gyro! Even more respect to those who invented the tech to lower the bar of every. 

That said,  even at the time I everted the hobby, a new (grossly out of my resources) tech was replacing the physical mechanical gyros with what they called "piezoelectric gyros". Which now, is easy to explain because everyone understands how their phone senses it's own position. The piezo gyro did the same thing, without the physical spinning gyro. Just a chip that child sense it (only in the yaw axis though), and in a glimpse of the future.....a computer to control it. As I said, it was easy outta my league. In fact the thing (there was only one for a while) cost more than twice than that of my busted budget quadcopter... Just for the "gyro"!  And that was fifteen years ago!

 The thrill I got came from doing something I was not designed to do. The same reason I was drawn to SCUBA as a teenager.

It was worth the hours of construction, the expense with no expected payback, the incredibly steep and periless learning curve (even though I delegated partial control of one critical aspect to a spinning mass, and a electronic circuit), just to see a thing I made shuck the Earthly bond of gravity at my (mostly) control. I was a God! Almost.

  To tell you the truth, it was worth it, the first time I ran the machine while it was secretly anchored to the Earth. Well before my first 'flight'.

   The assemblege of parts, tech, and me and came together to make a thing that was MORE Capable than I. Even though it hasn't done it yet. It was CAPABLE, and I knew it. It was just doing it that remained.

  Not just enhancing a capability I already have. The way moving via horse is enhanced compared to waking, and a car.....  Or printing is to writing. This was a NEW capability.  Flight! Even if only merely remote controlled (hat tip to the Brothers Wright, or the balloon folks before.. THAT must've felt GOOD!).

Anyway, I sat here watching the folks at the Parkway and through the magic of my Pixel phone I watched a video of a little helicopter, half the size of my first helicopter, FLY ON MARS!!!  I teared up when I watched it, and I'm crying right now reminiscing about the feeling from an hour or so ago.

  As I now fantasize about my trip to Mars. I imagine using all of our tech to make a human scale helicopter that does not fly itself... At all. It's all piloted, not Operated. But no input (or output) into control. That's for the pilot.

   Think bicycles. Except the power source.

Of course, I'd like to do this on Earth first. I'm imagining a super re engineered Bell-47 (ultimate human creation) designed by, me, Trek, Bell, and Tesla!!  Built in my garage.

   Investors needed!

Later, I'll pilot one on Mars if I can.

Okay. That's it. We've / they've flown a drone on MARS.  Everyone knows that tech is cool. But ever since dogs and monkeys became the first spacefareers, we've confused human achievement, with societal achievement. It's a slippery slope. It's HUBRIS! Maybe. AI will win.

 Don't give up too much control to tech.

While my quadcopter is vastly superior in functionality, reliability, expense, ease of operation, capabilities. It does not help me to leverage my own abilities to achieve my goals, it does it for me, cheaply. Or at least changes the goals.

Don't let tech change your goals, use tech to achieve your goals.

Spaghetti Monster

2021 April 19 1127

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 Well. Time has flown. Lisa has left me, I failed miserably in Schenectady and was back in the Madison in a year, but I knew on day one, almost, that the job was not for me. I turned myself inside out trying to make my square peg round. It didn't work. It tore me up. I really realized the reason I've always been so resistant to commitment, was that I KNEW I was capable of chewing myself up trying to uphold a commitment. I do not make them lightly. Well, in inviting Lisa with me. I committed, big time.  She did stick with me (she had to , she dumped her biz and gave away her home, to move out with me. I was way way too confident, but I do not regret the decision, I would still take the job today, but in the future I'll know more of what to ask when they want you more than you want them.  I didn't ask the right questions. I felt almost tricked, among other unsavory practices, etc...  Finally, I gave up and bailed.  If I were capable of  crass deceit, I'd be fat dumb and happy, without a doubt.  Dang!  I was dazed and out of it for a while. Even before this, the disquesting Act 10  Hate protests had me terribly ashamed to wear IBEW2304 on my shirt every day.  The day the chicken shit pussy union posted the names of all MG&E employees who donated money to the Governer, Scott Walker (who I have a photo of by  my scoot back at the very first modern "tea party", before trusting fools let it get coopted. That was Oh eight, I think, right? I'm sorry I have memory issues. I don't really get to decide what I remember. I remember plenty, but not what I decide. I don't know how some things stick while others will not, but  Remarkably the Gadsen flag I got back then has made a resurgence and is flying, as I type, in the trailer of my lawn tractor, right up by Lacy Rd. (note the date)  regrettably I let Lisa get us back to Fitchburg, her hometown, and basicly a suburb of Madison WI.......,


Sorry to break this, but I'm currently being "Cancelled" for doing nothing wrong, but I'm apparently in the vast minority. VAST

anyway I wrote a giant post to Dave Blaska blog entry about me  that was reccomended by a dear freind who I'm starting to believe was sent from GOD. Really, but we'll see.

For some reason, after posting it, it is not showing up on the blog.

So, since I have some tasks to do. and I want this online NOW, I'm breaking into this long overdue message and Posting it here.  I need HELP.  By the way, it's now a quarter past eleven am.  I fall asleep at my own protest. "Protest" you say, Yes, to cut to the chase, before my shift at the plant tonight (which I plan to complete). I've had a couple back and forths with a HR guy who's conducting some investigation on me, why he will not say, nor will he forward to me the materials he clearly has.  doesn't seem too fair.  I told him I will not be bullied and that  daytime meeting today (while I'm shceduled for night shift will not work with my shedule)  boy he didn't seem to like that and said he would continue without me.  can anyone say KAGAROOOOOOO.  Okay here it is It's super long. I apologize for that.  And sorry, I looked at the preview and the way it's formating may make it harder yet to read. Please do. A  whole lot, for me, depends of not allowing my lack of wrongdoing in  ANY way to be swept up. Wait till I play you the recording of the TV reporter who really really wanted to let me share my side. We'd arranged to meet at my place, then, after getting the word from ABOVE, he told me it was no longer newsworthy.

I’d like to thank all you Patriots, ready to take the call. Thank you
for using your keyboard so powerfully. Thank you for Saying, to people
who you know completely agree with you. Thanks for you thoughts. But…
I’ve got to say. Last night (Sunday the eighth) (it’s now four am
Tuesday the tenth) I went in to work having not secured a lawyer for
myself, as i cant figure out who to trust. I could’ve used a tip or
two to find one. Oh well. Sometimes your all ALONE but the cows still
gotta be milked, right? I learned that in the summer at my family’s
(defunct) dairy farm. As you all know I work for the State of
Wisconsin, The University of Wisconsin, Facilities Planning and
Management. and both the architecturally interesting Charter St
Heating Plant, and the Walnut St Heating Plant on the beautiful and
historic campus for the Flagship specimen of the University of
Wisconsin. So much history. What do you say we make a little more,
with a tilt in the “other” direction? Okay patriots. Time to get the
fuck off your pussy keyboards.
In the immoral words of Rahm Emanuel. “You never want a serious crisis
to go to waste. And what I mean by that [is] it’s an opportunity to do
things that you think you could not before”. Everyone {you too},
Please notice that I wouldn’t dare edit his quote down, that’s the
WHOLE thing right from the all knowing Wikipedia. (soon to be edited
probably:) ) I don’t want to even appear to misrepresent a honorable
citizen like Rahm by trying to help my own personal, individual
situation, by misrepresenting exactly what he said, with
clarification. That’s not fair, is it?. Context fuckin matters. Right
my niggers? Gimme a FUCK YES!!! Sorry, I got carried away a little
there. Good thing we don’t have thought crimes yet, right? Fuck YES!
Anyway, did I mention that I’ m a disabled veteran (service related)
from the Desert Storm era. Remember, our countries last unequivocal,
stupendously impressive and awe inspiring routing of the evil invaders
from the superbley grateful independent country of Kuwait. Yes, I’ve
been up in the tower. I saw some fucked up shit that those evil
fuckers did to Kuwaitis, They made sure we saw. I’ll never forget the
smells of rot and gore in the decimated machines of war. One of my
Prized possesions is a can of “Kuwait is Free and Beautiful” Silly
String. Remember that stuff? Anyway, like a said. a great man like
Rahm aught not to be taken outof contextd. I suppose that should go
for me too, Right? Anyway, I disagree with a lot from these, I think
well intentioned, folks to our left. Far far to our left, , but I’m
open minded enough to see some of the smarts they got. A Little too
smarts, I hope. Anyway, this is Super a fuckin’ CRISIS. Especially to
Yours truly. Well…. maybey ONLY to yours truly. I’m fucked. I’m like a
little bug and all these super powerful, people, institutions, and
dare I say, [whisper] governments [/whisper] are aiming their hateful
media and lawfare cannons right in my beautiful mug. My beautiful,
beautiful mug. MINE. How that shit, RIght?

I do have to say though. I was remanded of this blog by a great, great
pal the other night, and I thought. Rich….there’s help to be had
there. I was franticly going nutz. I’m ALL BY MYSELF!! Sure, I may be
a bad motherfucker (with the wallet for proof), but bad motherfuckers
cry too. We have feelings and, we’ve known LOVE, I’m not impervious.
shit hurts man, it really hurts. But, oh well. its milkin’ time
…..Right? You know, the get the fuck ouitta that warm , warm bed Time.
The, I’ll zip up my pants later, time. Oh dark thirty time. It’s THAT
lip service does me zip. Whoa whoa whoa……Deep breath… DEEEEEEP
Breaaaaaaaattttthhhhhhhh…….Ahhhhhhhh. Okay…better. I got a little
worked up there. Right? You may be saying in your head ” Hey,…..
Mister Zag….sir….wise, wise, wise, man of the world. You well traveled
man…..Calm the fuck down woman!” followed by a open hand slap to my
bearded bean (also strictlyg imaginary). POW… Except for the respect
issues you obviously have, you’d be doing good for me a solid…….A
solid………IF you didn’t know what happened to me at work last night, By
that, I mean, Sunday to Monday, I was on the night shift. and in fact
It was my first day back after taking a week of vacation. (Thanks for
all the vacation UW, I really have come to enjoy the benefits of
workin’ for this great State. I get LOTS of time off. but that’s
beside the point. Right? The point is I would be acting like a scared
woman (or womynxTBQ, I think, right? I don’t want to exclude, Right?)
if you didn’t know what happend last night at the Plant. Can you
guess? I bet you keyboard monkeys can guess….Okay I’ll share, just
with you. They gave me the BOOT !!!

Not only did they give me the old “I’m gonna call the police if you
don’t GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE”, they haven’t even replied to my
urgent email plea for help from the forces aligning against me. I’ve
been DOXED. They are putting hours old photos of my home online and
begging the goon squad to show up. Sweet moms are talking about
bringing their bats to my HOME. BATS!
Have you ever been hit by a bat? Right? Right?…. I don’t care if it’s
Mrs Fuckin’ Cleaver with her sexy heels and pearls (mmmmm) (sorry), if
that mommy morsel clobbered my meaty mellon with a Louisville Slugger,
the Beaver would have a murderer for a Mommy. Think of the beaver
everyone! ***** SAVE The BEAVER***** from this fate, don’ t let that
sexy black and white mom beat ZigZag to Death, THAT would be a
tragedy. Especially to me. Sweet soccer moms want me dead. It’s nutz!
Right? . Breaaaaaattttthhhhhhheee……. Okay, sorry, sorry. I’m so
fuckin’ pissed (not at Mrs. Cleaver, but you know, Right?) Also I may
not have that quote exactly right, but the gist of it is dead on. DEAD
on! You’ll see ;),

Any way. that happened in an interesting way really kinda fishy, you
know? Odd. Abnormal, Strange. I’ll be happy to tell you all about it,
but I’m so fuckin’ scared that all those Uber Powerfull Gods up in the
fancy boardrooms, with their fruit trays and bottomless coffee are
looking at me like a big fat. Yes, I’m FAT, and the tolerant, loving
folks to our left cant seem to help themselves from “FAT SHAMING” the
everliving FUCK outta me. Holy Hypocrite batman. HOLY indeed. It’s
mindboggling how they can twist their raw bloody red toothed HATRED
into LOVE in their dark dark minds. I’ve watched them do it with my
own eyse, with just the right combination of Chants and student loans
BINGO theyre right, and I’m wrong and need to be destroyed, for LOVE.
Right? Anyway, I’m fat, so what, fuck you and make me a fuickin’
sammy! Innnnnn through the nose……..Ouuuuuuut through the mouth.
Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiooooooooowwwww. Okay, okay, I’ve got it back in
check. I’m okay…….Fuck that. I’m not fuckin’ OKAY I’m fucking
petrified for my ever loving life. They tried to KILL me!!!
Phhhhhhooooooooooowwwwww. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Okay. I really got back
now….. So there I am just a short fime after turnover. I didn’t even
get a chance to eat my Goddamned bag of Doritos, and sice the plant is
god damn PEPSI plan, I had a bottle of water to put one of those
packets into.(Grape). Maybe if they had the so so so much superior
Coca-Cola, none of this would have happened. Right?….. Anyway,
(hehehe, this if fucking FUN) Those folks up in those fancy towers on
campus, those powerful fucks plotting against me {yes Plotting} the
smarty pants motherfuckers who just know, they just FUCKING know that
they are my BETTER!!!!!!!. They KNOW they, and their letters, and
accolades, and their Godless social order, are just simply BETTER than
me. They KNOW they are SMARTER than I. They are more CLEVER than I.
THRU KNOW IT. They know it as hard as I know there is a all Loving God
that sent me that glorious true loving friend who told me to check out
this blog. Whooooooooooooooooo. phhhhhhooooooooo.. Aw fuck it. I’ll
take a fuckin’ pill (have you heard enough “Fucks” yet, wife:) )
Serenity NOW motherfuickers!!!

Okay I’m good, but my shift ends in about fifteen minutes and I still
gotta go dig up my “protest” sign. It’s been buried for a while, but I
think I know where it is.

Cuz boys. I’m a goin’ PROTESTING. I’m going as soon as I finish this
little love letter. and if you fuckin keyboard commandos have any
dececy, you’ll swing by the Charter St Heating Plant sometime this
morning (or until they beg for my noble benevolent forgiveness,
publicly) and HONK the fuck outta the place. It’ll be worth it, trust
me. This is your chance to tell those Braniac Supremacists that, NO
they are not BETTER than US, They are not my OWNER. and I am not their
fucking SLAVE. Unlike them, I don’t claim to know what’s inside their
heads, hearts, and souls, but as we speak people who just KNOW that I
am an inferior human being compared to their glowing, BETTER selfs.
FUCKS! They fuckin KNOW it.


But the think is. They HAVE ALL THE POWER. and, not only are they
disqusting, filthy ADDICTS, they are, off their wagon and high on the
though of PUNISHING anyone who dares defy their dictates.

Four minutes to the end of my shift……from home. Did you know you can
safely, and smartly operate a 600# Steam power/heating/chilling plant
from HOME. bwaahhhaaahaahah. Sure. There’s an app for that. Ha ha ha
ha. Send the Senior Operator home, when the shift is alread one guy
short. The black guy, Franlk. Frank is my fuckin’ NIgger. Ya I said
it. He is. Hes the best man on our shift. He obnoxuiosly talks on
speaker to his lovely wife…..all the fucking time. even when I’m
trying to watch a movie…Uh, I mean when I’m calculating fuel burn
rates…ya burn rates.. Anyway My primary thought driving in to work was
that I would get to hear my man Frank’s take on my situation. I’ve
never uttered the evil, illegal(?), superdoublebad word “NIGGER” in my
shiftmate and pal Franks presence. and to be truthfull, not really all
that often anyway, And I’ll gibe a one ounze GOLD coin to provide ANY
proof (not lib proof, True Proof) that I have EVER EVER EVER uttered
that word in anything but the spirt of brotherhood. PERIOD, Go the
fuck ahead motherfuckers and call me a goddamned RACIST to my
beuttiful face. I FUCKING DARE YOU to do it, and be able to back it
up. Punks!

That pill just didn’t work (NOTE: that was a rhetorical device. Other
than my blood pressure pills, I’m clean and sober).
Phooooooooooooo….Serentity now damnit. Serenity now.. Okay.My shift is
over I’m fucking headid to the picket line. If I had time I’d make a
sign for my bad ass Hog that says. “THIS MACHINE KILLS FACISITS”
(NOTE: that is NOT any sort of violent threat (you fuckin’ lying
fucks).which is, in fact, the photo of Woodie’s guitar with that great
slogan that I’m only super glad doesn’t quite fit my situition
litteally, but HOLY FUCK does it match up pretty darn tootin’
figuratively!! I have to give full credit to the idea to Corrie Jagger
(his last name does sound pretty cool though) who actually reached out
on FB Messenger. This asshole came up with this gem “what a pathetic
micro dick shitbucket”, While, I’m not terribly fond of his comment to
me, I did see Woodies Fascists killing guitar on his profile and It
glowed in my mind kind on like that miotherfucker in “A Beautiful
mind”. I suck at math though, but I can see a good slogan and that one
is just about perfect (figuratively) for my bad motor scooter! I hate
Fascists. and the funny thing is when you call them out as one, they
don’t even believe it. That’s how you can tell. Right?

Okay. It’s almost eight am now and I’ve decided that instead of trying
to go to work tonight. (I was heartbroken Last night (Monday) and just
had to call in sick, even so, I worked from home 😉
but tonight I think I’ll go down to Charter, Spring, Dayton, and Mills
streets and wave my sign around. After all, I’m no dummy, and while I
haven’t protested in about a decade (see my YouTube “the underdog”

), I think I’ll fall right back into

So,, now that I’m giving all you keyboard monkeys something real, (and
fuckin easy) to DO, DO , DO it you lazy bastards (and bitches too) 🙂
Meet me on ANY of those streets I just mentions (as long as it’s
crossing another one of those streets. Capiche? I’ll be there by 4:20,
probably sooner. but even if you don’t see me, and even if you don’t
want to get in the Solidarity Forever Picket Line behind me, I
understand, it’s intimidating near campus nowadays. (that ain’t
right), then just HONK the fuck outta your car, truck, motorcycle, or
boat’s Horn,. Let those Egghead Supremacists know exactly where their
is bread is buttered. BY US, the faithful producers, the patriotic
citizens, the taxpayer, the veterans, the disabled, the bullied, the


I am in no fuckin’ way a BUG for those Elitist scum to squash on their
Power high. I am a HUMAN and I refuse to be categorized further. I am
FREE, I am a AMERICAN, and I will not be STOPPERD from going wherever
the FUCK I choose in this GODGIVEN, LAST BASTION of freedom the
fucking U, fuckin’ S , fuckin’ A. May God have mercy on their souls,
cuz I’m about done with em’

HONK you fucking honkyes, and my niggers are welcome too, I love you
guys, and I wish we were all like my black friend (ha ha ha) FRANK!!
BE like FRANK!!!!

Oh, one more thing, I would’ve loved to have gone into work the other
night with the card or phone number of a damn good, damn free, laywer,
but even though I saw only one voice asking for someone to help me on
this page. Thank you Gg Mo, You were the second post, and you were
almost begging for someone to help me. I’m deeply moved. I think I may
even fuckin’ love you., but who knows. In my mind I kinda thought
everyone would want to help. Oh well you lazy keyboard warrior
patriots. enjoy your LARPing, I’m in the real fucklin’ world and as
they say on HBO…WINTER IS COMING!!!

4:20 PM November Tenth Twenty Twenty: Charter, Mills, Dayton, and
Spring. Be there or it will be noted (I kid, only come if you want to
help) They NEED to hear you. Just like Gee Dub said.

You should be able to find me on any of the streets surrounding the
whole block sized Charter St Heating Plant. It’s a block or two
towards the gloriously spectacular Wisconsin state capitol building
from Camp Randal, where I hear they let Confederate soldiers, fighting
for what they happened to believe in, DIE like dogs and eventually
many score since, erase the history that they are eternally resting
here in MY TOWN. Those men were Human beings, and now their only
memory is fucking Bucky goddamned Badge and unknowing students who
Jump the fuck Around. They did it, because they looked like a bugs to
be squashed.. and of you don’t think the Supremacists fantasize about
doing that to me in this case, but to ALL of us (figuratively, I
pray). By the way, if you happen to go by the Capitol, give my little
harem a toot for me too please 🙂 Get really load on Miflin St, right
the fuck in front of the VETERANS Museum, where my civil liberties
were first infringed by the harpies and hotties, and the yellow tinged
black goy whos never seen a real man that close, that homie aught to
be embarrassed by himself, If you know him. I’m pretty sure he’s the
fuck who tried, not hard enough (bwahaahahah), to push my steel steed
off of the rubber side. FAIL! But he aught pay for what he did. Can
you believe because I said “Who’s killing Black people? Black people
are killing Black People…..Statistically, RIGHT” What so weird about
that. You’d think people so concerned about exactly how much BLACK
LIVES MATTER, would find that statistic pretty powerful stuff. I do,
but I’m not college educated either. That’s why the fucks felt
entitled to treat me like their PROERTY. Ha fuckin’ HA

I’ll be filing a complaint with the Justice department of the Unites
States of America, cuz that MF not only attempted to murder me along
with the belly button tribe, they ALL INFRINGED ON MY GOD GIVEN and
Constitutionally ratified CIVIL RIGHTS, The really crazy thing is they
are still so ABSOLUTELY sure that they are right and I am wrong, that
they may be lost forever. Someone save them please. They may be too
far gone, but I love them and I want them to lose the HATE in their
hearts. Maybe God can help. I KNEW that that is to who I was calling
out for help to the other day. Did you see that. The “news” articles
have tiny little embedded video clips that show the “worst” they could
come up with for their brainwashed masses. It’s silly. Go check ’em
out and watch the clips get longer the more people notice their
chilidish, wrong tactics. (Wait untill you hear and read my multiple
converstions with print and TV “journalists” who were so nice, and
just wanted to let me get “my side of the story out”, but then, they
never showecd up to CAMP ZAG (my driveway) with their cameras like
they said they were gonna do. Like the bumper sticker says,DONT TRUST
THE LIBERAL MEDIA. I’m not usually a fan of bumper stickers (it even
pained me a LOT to defile my Oh so tolerant Hog. I hope I’m forgiven.
I think it likes leggings as much as I do. God bless yoga pants!!!
.Anyway, I howled not for a passerby to help, It wasn’t the Capitol
Police, nor the Madison cops. They were getting doughnuts I guess. It
wasn’t you the patriots, you all were home typing and being pretty
sure someone else will take care of things, It wasn’t my boss at work,
that was too far away. The first howl may have actually been for The
Benevolent but not so Pure Donald J Trump.(purity is impossible in
this realm) But he’s got his own issues right now (Hey Don, Please
stay in my AirBnb. “The Lacy Place”. it’s being DOXXED pretty hard,
but if you stay here, I’m told I get a plaque, and it’ll be oh so
fuckin’ much harder for the Supremacists at Good old Socially
conscious AIRBNB to call me a Bad Bad Rayyyyyyyyycissssst and then
give me the boot like my feckless employer, the GODAMNED GOVERNMENT.

I guess maybe I am part of the problem. I do did()?) work for them
keeping the kids and the sick in the hospital warm and sterilized with
wonderful world moving STEAM!!!, but maybe, just maybe I
AM a guard in Aushtwitz and I’m just doing what I’m told.

So, fire up youir screen, Watch the prophetic movie NETWORK and GET
FUKIN’ MAD. It’s okay to be angry. just don’t fall down like our
fellow countrymen to our left and make it into lifestyle, No good
comes from that.

I’l be waling around my place of work, dressed and ready to bring all
those wonderful, smart, and honest, students the heat they unknowingly
take for granite.

I am DONALD J. TRUMP, and I am IVANKA, and I am Sparticus.

Help me!

Rich Yaeger
Collector of cultures,
many many more,
but most of all I am
An AMERICAN, A god fearing one at that.

Now Help me TODAY or just shut the fuck up online. I wanna hear you. I
wanna hear LOTS of you.

4:20 Charter Street.



(sorry I’m beat, it’s eight am, and I need a few hours of sleep, I
will not proof read this and I apologize if I have fragmented stuff. I
always do. I’m not perfect. I am not a bug either. Don’t let them
squish me, I didn’t plan this bullshit, but its fucking time to milk
the god damned COWS WISCONSIN!!!)

MR Blaska. Please ensure folks hear this. Pleas give it to Vicky
McKenna I, enjoy the thoughts you provoke inside my melon. thank you.
And Vicky, Please get this, and my other pertinent stuff online, to
the bigshots like Rush (Prayers and dittos Rush). I listened to you
talk to big bad forty-five and I’m so jealous. I was a credentialed
journalist for WORT down the block from when I lived on W Doty. Do you
believe that, ME at WORT 89.9 FM, For YEARS, The things I overheard,
but when your alone, it’s hard to share. Who do you trust? I don’t
know. WHEW!!, but I have morals, so their sick conversations stayed
with me, eating me up. Oh’ well, I feel it getting out with each FUCK
I say. It’s kind of therapy, for me. But I love engineering live
radio, so I practiced tolerance. I wish I hadn’t maybe If I made a
bigger stand before, things wouldn’t be the way the are now where they
feel they can just make up anything they want and have their cowed
property OBEY and COMPY without question. I doubt it,. but I don’t
completely recall, cuz I was really thinking about simply getting me a
Coca-Cola and enjoying my tacos, but I’m pretty sure that all that
bullshit I’ve witnessed at the hands and minds of these SUPREMACICSTS
over the last decade and longer, flashed through my mind in the few
seconds from when I turned onto Miflin with the unseasonably warm Low
and BRIGHT November sun directly in my eyes, and when GOD placed his
hand on mine and TWISTED THAT FUCKIN HAMMER!!! . They all assumed I
was one of them. No one ever even asked. My former ‘boss’ now is with
WPR as producer. I have hope that someday she can be saved, she’s was
a great news director and a good person, deep inside (Hi Molly)

I love you all, even if you are too busy to help a guy out. I’m okay
by myself, but I perfer company. Just HONK

Over and OUT


2020 November 10, 0830