Saturday, January 04, 2003

Well, I've pretty much decided that I'm going to move to New York.
I spent about a year there in 2001 (I actually left on September 10th) doing the commisioning work on 11 units located all around the city. I lived, at company expense in a luxury doorman building on the upper east side. I worked on sites in all the other boroughs, so I feel I got a taste for the real life there, not just tourist stuff. I don't know if I fell in love with New York because of the idealic experience I had there or if I really mesh with the city for some reason. I like to think it's the latter, but time will tell. Since then I have finaly gotten my (now ex) girlfreind out of my house. As much as I will miss the good times with her, and especially her two girls, whom I truely love. I no longer have any real strings attaching me to Bakersfield. I'm starting to feel my roots stating to get a little deep here. I've lived in California for the last six years, but it's not the place I want to settle down in. It's been great as a home base, conscidering I spend a lot of time traveling around the world for work, however it's not really the place I want to look back on, at the end of my life and say; that was where I chose to make my home. I hope I can get High speed internet access. The logistics of this have me paralized. I know I can sell my home here and make a great profit, but what will I do in New York. I've been checking real estate web sites trying to get an idea, and it is crazy. I could really see myself living in lower manhattan and commuting to various sites, but since I'll probably be stationed in Staten Island, I think I'll probably look there. I hope first I'm not making a mistake, and second, not getting my hopes up.


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